Scott & Victoria Williquette: PEP Ministry

P.E.P. – The Pastoral Enrichment Program

“Reaching future generations by training God’s shepherds”

The PEP ministry is founded upon three facts. 1) there are areas of the world where by God’s grace, missionaries have been successful in spreading the Gospel and planting faithful Baptist churches. 2) because national pastors are now leading local churches in those areas, the primary need is no longer pioneer missions work. 3) the need now is for ministry training for the national pastors and church leaders.

PEP serves the church worldwide by educating and enriching pastors, church leaders, and students without asking them to leave their ministries. It provides needed biblical and practical ministry instruction to pastors and leaders who have limited, and in some cases, no formal ministry education. It invests in the Lord’s servants around the globe enabling them to better shepherd and instruct God’s people. By instructing and enriching God’s servants, PEP impacts generations of Christians around the world.

PEP missionaries live in the US and take short-term missions trips in order to teach in training conferences and class modules on foreign fields where Baptist Mid-Missions has had a long term presence. They are out of the US 4-5 months of the year. The PEP motto is “Enriching the Mind – Encouraging the Spirit – Enhancing the Ministry”

Dr. Scott Williquette is excellently qualified for this kind of missions work. He has pursued extensive education, having received his undergrad from Northland Baptist Bible College, his Master of Divinity and Master of Theology from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, his Doctor of Ministry from Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies, and his Doctor of Theology from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also had extensive ministry experience as a pastor for over 20 years at both First Baptist Church of Gibraltar, MI and First Baptist Church of Rockford, IL. He is sent out under Baptist Mid-Missions and has been supported by Tri-Lakes since 2013.


5304 Charles Street

Rockford, ILĀ  61108