In Person Services paused

10:30am Sunday Worship is Livestream only this week. Hoping to resume August 9th

Read our precautions and guidelines for meetings below. 

We will continue to livestream services. Find our livestream on our Facebook page:

These will be our planned services going forward:

  • 10:30am Sunday Morning Worship (in person and livestream)
  • 5:00pm Sunday Evening Bible Study (livestream only at this point)
  • 6:30pm Wednesday Prayer Meeting (outside around fire as weather allows)
  • Background Information: 
    • Due to Covid19, starting March 15th, we chose to shutdown in-person services out of respect for the government and caution about the coronavirus. Out of an abundance of caution we have refrained from meeting for almost 3  months. This has been neither a forsaking of assembly nor a form of religious persecution. 
    • But let us be clear, churches are essential, and while a church is not a building, it is at its core an assembly of believers. Thus we have been longing  and planning for resuming our gatherings. 
    • We are pleased to see measures have worked to flatten the curve and avoid overwhelming hospitals. We have consulted the CDC and official government statements, reached out to Christian Law Association, and talked to other church leaders for wise advice.
    • On Thursday, May 7, 2020 Governor Whitmer issued a new Executive Order 2020-77. Paragraph 16-17 specifically allows churches to host services and people to travel to religious services without being penalized.
    • On May 9th, 2020 the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Cincinnati ruled that churches may host in-person church services. 
    • Along with other churches in the state we plan to begin in-person services this month. As we resume meeting, we want to stress that each person and family should attend or not attend as their conscience and health allows. 
    • We know this may be a time where we as believers have different opinions about what to do, how much to do, and when to do it. We trust we all will have a generous and loving spirit towards one other as we each seek to do all things unto the Lord without condemning or despising our Christian family (Rom 14). 
    • We will continue to livestream our services online for any who are cautiously waiting to return in person. We understand that for some this may be an extended process. 
    • We will take extra precautions when meeting both to be a good testimony and to guard the health and well-being of one another. 
  • Building Preparedness 
    • We have had the building closed for over 10 weeks. 
    • We have been advised by a professional cleaning company and are confident that excellent cleaning procedures can be done in house by our own designated staff.
    • All touch point surfaces will continue to be cleaned with disinfectant before each service. 
  • Reopening Rollout Phases 
    • When we resume services, we will begin with limited meetings.
    • We will plan to begin with only Sunday AM worship service in the building and a Wednesday evening prayer meeting outside.
    • We will wait to resume our choirs
    • We will wait to resume Sunday School
    • We will wait to resume Sunday Evening
  • Personal Precautions
    • Because we will only be meeting once a week, we expect people to self screen for sickness.
    • We encourage you to consider staying home if you are at high risk or live with one  who is high risk.
    • We ask you to stay home if you have cold or flu symptoms
    • We trust you to wash your hands before coming and after leaving church. 
  • Service Precautions
    • We ask that people practice social distancing while in the building
    • We ask that people refrain from physical contact while in the building. 
    • We want people to feel free to wear a mask or face covering.
    • We will not pass offering plates, but rather ask people to continue to give as they have with the online option or by mailing it in. We’ll also have boxes in foyer for giving.
    • We will have hand sanitizer stations available at entrances and throughout the building.
    • We will turn off drinking fountains and have bottled water available in the foyer.
    • The north end of the building will be closed for now. 
    • The kitchen facilities will be closed (sorry, no coffee for now).
    • We will have families to sit together with empty rows every other row between them.  For individuals or couples in the same row, please sit on opposite ends of the row. 
    • We will have people sit while singing and ask those who sing to wear a mask while singing because of the increased possibility for aspiration and spreading of any Covid19 in enclosed spaces.
    • We will provide music handouts in the bulletins rather than use hymnals for singing.
  • Future Events
    • Fellowship meals such as 5th Sundays will be cancelled for the time being.
    • The mission trip to NYC has been cancelled. We’re not sure when we can plan to reschedule.
    • Teen camp is still planned, as The Wilds has only cancelled June camps. If we go, of course parents will need to decide if they are comfortable to send their young people.
    • Independence Day Parade in Brighton will most likely be cancelled. No official word yet.
    • Vacation Bible School is still TBD. We want to have something, but if allowed to be held it will be significantly modified in form. 
    • At this point we plan to be able to go ahead in the Fall with AWANA and Chi-Alpha. 

Our desire is that each of you will feel safe as you come to worship God with us. In all things, let us honor God and love one another. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these strange days. 

Pastor Larson, Pastor Rob and the Deacons of Tri-Lakes Baptist Church