Pastor Bill Jones and his wife Jill serve in planting a church in the heart of Manhattan. He pastors Manor Community Church on 26th Ave in a building that God has miraculously provided. It is the historic Manor Church building, one of the oldest standing church buildings in the city. They have secured a long term lease on it but it needs serious maintenance and renovation. As they are able to continue remodeling it, they will be able to expand their ministries to the city.

Bill also leads the New York Gospel Mission which was established to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to areas of New York City unreached by the Gospel. New York City is the largest city in America and the 4th largest in the world. There are 8 million people within the five boroughs.

Bill Jones and his family are working with NYGM in Manhattan on four fronts: 1) inner city church planting; this is his primary objective and the one out of which the other projects are based. 2) Ethnic Evangelism; in a very real sense, missions work in New York City is world evangelism. The world has come to New York with multiple concentrations of various ethnic groups including Jewish, African and Chinese. 3) International Gospel Training Center; Pastor Jones and his staff are constantly involved with and continuing to develop their church as a location for groups to come learn experientially about inner city ministry. They house and feed teams from supporting churches as well as individual college students, putting them to work around the city in various activities as part of the local church ministry. 4) Tabernacle Project; because of a large concentration of orthodox Jews nearby, the vision is to create a center dedicated to displaying an excellent replica of the Hebrew Tabernacle, some Old Testament manuscripts, and a compelling presentation of Yeshua the Messiah for Jewish people to come and view.


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Address: 350 W 26th Street, Manhattan, NY, 10001


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